The days are getting warmer and the evenings longer, which means summer is well on its way! If the thought of getting into your bikini and enjoying the weather currently brings a sense of dread, then we’re here to put those thoughts to bed.  

One of the most common summer worries is cellulite, which usually shows up on your thighs and your bum. Glossy mags with endless photos of air-brushed celebs have created an unnecessary fear around the word, despite cellulite being completely normal. Regardless of your weight or how often you exercise, we all have fat cells we need and connective tissues underneath our skin - it’s just how our bodies function

While we’ve all been guilty of trying fad diets or turning down treats in the hopes of achieving that perfect summer bod, it’s time to start embracing what makes us who we are. It’s estimated that around 80-90% of all women experience some form of cellulite, so what are we all worried about?


Why don’t men get cellulite? It’s not fair!

Cellulite can be seen in around 90% of women, but just 10% of men. It’s not that men are immune to cellulite, it’s just that their skin is naturally thicker and their connective tissues are shaped slightly differently from women. Because of this, their natural fat deposits just aren’t as visible on the surface. It also comes down to hormones. Testosterone helps to burn fat, while estrogen can actually create it in the body.


Busting those cellulite myths

Search for cellulite treatments online and you’ll find an endless list of old wives’ treatments and supposed miracle cures. There are so many harmful myths surrounding cellulite out there that it can be hard to tell fact from fiction, and it’s oh-so-easy to get drawn into those articles and sales pitches that promise to banish it from your body within a week. Side note: they won’t.


If you lose weight, you’ll lose the cellulite

Nope! Cellulite is not caused by excess fat. As we mentioned earlier, the dimpled appearance of cellulite is actually a combination of connective tissue and fat cells under the skin. 

Everyone has fat cells - it’s what our body uses to keep it insulated and protected. Sometimes, the fat deposits underneath our connective tissues push through and become more visible - this can be due to a whole host of different factors throughout our lives and how our unique connective tissue functions.

You can treat cellulite through liposuction

Invasive measures should always be balanced against results! Liposuction is an expensive procedure that often causes the natural fat distribution in your body to become uneven, which in some cases can actually emphasise the appearance of cellulite.  Any potential improvement effect would also be temporary. 

You can completely get rid of cellulite with firming creams

Sorry, no! While there are some tried and tested methods for reducing the appearance of cellulite and your skin, there’s no way to completely get rid of it.  It is completely natural.

Cellulite is bad for your body

Wrong! Despite its infamy, cellulite is not a medical condition nor is it bad for your body - it’s purely cosmetic and won’t cause you any harm. 


Things you can do to minimise cellulite...

If cellulite is still getting you down, there are some safer and cost-effective ways to help reduce its appearance and make your skin glow!

Exfoliate and moisturise

Using body scrubs to massage and exfoliate your skin can help to improve circulation and gradually stretch skin tissue, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite over time with regular use. Exfoliants also help to clear away any dead skin cells, giving a smoother appearance to your skin. 

If you have sensitive skin, then just use a moisturiser after showering - the massaging motions will have the same effect.

Try retinol creams

There’s been some evidence to show that creams with retinol can help by thickening the top layer of your skin with regular use - although again, this is a gradual process, so don’t expect to see results straight away. Any form of effective cellulite improving treatment is based on regular use 

...but we’d rather you embraced it!

We’ll say it again - cellulite is completely normal. Maybe not in the airbrushed alternative reality of Instagram, but definitely in real life! If we all begin to embrace our bodies and accept all our incredible bodies, we can start to get rid of the stigma around body issues for good.

Have you taken a stand against unrealistic beauty standards? We’d love to hear your story! Get in touch in the comments below or reach out to us on Instagram at @believeinbubu.

July 05, 2021 — Derma Babe Hannah

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