| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 |Save 20% with Student Beans


August 24 2020 – Derma Babe Hannah



Each week, we’ll be shining the spotlight on the latest brands we’ve added to our store. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the award-winning Elemental Herbology, a luxury skincare brand based in the UK. On the search for your new fave? Keep reading to find out why we love this brand so much!

Who Are Elemental Herbology?

Has your skin been feeling congested or maybe even a little dull lately? This is where Elemental Herbology can step in and lend you a helping hand.

Focused on skin nutrition, their products are packed full of ultra helpful skin-loving ingredientsfrom avocado to alpha-hydroxy acids!

Based on the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, each product is tailored to a different element. These are Wood, Earth, Fire, Water and Metal. Your skin type will be matched to one:

  • Wood - Normal, combination, uneven texture
  • Earth - Dullness, pigmentation, redness
  • Fire - Congested, oily, acne breakouts
  • Water - Dry, dehydrated, sensitive
  • Metal - Mature, fine lines, dark circles

This makes it easier to find the products that suit you best. You can also find their gorgeous products in luxurious spa menus across the world, making them the perfect treat for a cosy night of self-care, or an at-home spa day with your BFF.

Elemental Herbology are serious about their commitment to ethical and sustainable beauty. In their fab range, you can discover local British ingredients such as Cornish clay, chamomile, and wildflower honey.

What’s more, you won’t find any palm oil in any of their productsnor will you find nasty parabens and pore-clogging mineral oils. Just pure, natural, and effective ingredients! With an ever-growing vegan range, Elemental Herbology is perfect for all you plant-based beauties out there.

Find Your Perfect Match With Elemental Herbology

You can find some Elemental Herbology’s best sellers here at Bubu. Take a quick look at their profiles below to find your match!

Cool & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser

I’m the perfect match for: Acne-prone and oily skin

What I do best: Are breakouts the bane of your life? I’m an antibacterial cleanser that can help to reduce congestion, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil

I’m the perfect match for: Normal, dry and sensitive skin

What I do best: I’m a lightweight cleansing oil infused with soothing plant oils, to nourish and cleanse your skin. I’ll leave it feeling soft and supple.

Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Pads

I’m the perfect match for: Normal, oily and combination skin
What I do best: I contain a blend of glycolic acid and fruit acids to shrink pores and boost your natural glow.

Moisture Milk Facial Moisturiser

I’m the perfect match for: Acne-prone and oily skin
What I do best: I’m perfect for fighting against acne-causing bacteria, while also protecting your skin from environmental harm.

The All-Star Cast of Elemental Herbology...

Elemental Herbology is all about sourcing premium-grade ingredients. Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients they love to use, and how they benefit your skin!

Argan oil

Say goodbye to dry and dull skin with the ultra-nourishing and glow-boosting argan oil.


Avocados aren’t just delicious in salads! Rich in fatty acids, avocados help you achieve a dewy, healthy glow!


Chamomile is a soothing skin saviour for inflammation and redness.

Glycolic acid

Hyperpigmentation woes? Fight back with glycolic acid, a powerful AHA.


Grapefruit is high in antioxidants. These powerful little compounds fight UV rays and pollution.

Green tea

Green tea is packed full of polyphenols - natural nutrients that protect your skin from environmental damage.

Tea tree

Tea tree helps to purify your skin from acne-causing bacteria, while also easing inflammation.

Have you tried any of the products from Elemental Herbology yet? Share your review with us and pick up some babe points along the way!



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