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| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 |Save 20% with Student Beans


June 08 2020 – Christian Rodriguez



When we are going through something, good or bad, no matter how big or small, we all have that one person or small group of people we share everything with, our BFF’s.

Lockdown kinda interfered with our plans, I mean like seriously interfered, we had a full schedule of summer gigs/festivals, date nights, cocktail parties, brunch, our annual summer trip and obvs our regular DIY beauty/fashion preview…which was always the best night in. We could share and try out our fav new skincare/beauty products, make up looks, and combine our wardrobe’s to mix up our outfits, as well as helping to swipe right or left… then the world changed.

All of a sudden we were unable to see anyone in any way, meet up or do any of the things we had always taken for granted. We really struggled with the change and missed the fun and excitement associated to our plans, but after week 1, what we really missed the most was just seeing our fav people in person.  We quickly realised, our plans wouldn’t be the same without our fav’s.  All of our schedule’s were always centred around spending time with the people who mean the most to us, our family and friends.  If there is anything positive to come from Lockdown, it is that we now REALLY appreciate the people we have in our life.

Today is National Best Friend Day, and it’s more important than ever to celebrate those who are always around, lifting us up, making us laugh, or sometimes cry, but one things for sure, life isn’t the same when they aren’t around.

Things are going to be different for a while, and we are all getting creative with how we can meet up socially distanced and keep in touch, without breaking the rules.  From Zoom groups to Facetime, Snap to TikTok Challenges, we have had a lot of fun keeping in touch, and here are some more fun suggestions too:


Nothing says love like a pamper parcel. Fill up an envelope, box or basket with some of yours and your friends favourite essentials for the ultimate digital pamper party. From masks (obvs bubu masks) to manicures and pedicures, you can find so many little things to keep up your routine.


We can now meet in groups of 6–just so long as we abide by the social distancing rules & the weather is on our side. Why not throw your bestie/s a surprise dinner outside? Invite them over (remember to be always be 2m apart) and order a takeaway of their favourite foods they can collect on their way.


Having photographs together is what making memories is all about. Share those memories in a photobook or memory box. Reminisce over the good times, and even the not so good ones. With everything going on, it’s important to remember happy memories to keep your spirits alive –this could be just the uplifting gift your friend needs right now.

Share with us on our socials @believeinbubu the creative ways you have kept in touch, or any suggestions we can share! Valin until the 10th of June at 2pm, use code BFF30 at checkout for 30% off.

Whatever you do today, Happy National Best Friend Day! #friendsforever


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