Let's be honest, how many of us have quickly rolled out of bed, brushed our teeth, and hopped onto a Zoom meeting in the past few months? Whatever you might have going on in life, sometimes things seem too hectic to actually focus as much time as we'd like on our daily beauty routine. If you've been skipping your bedtime skincare routine or missing out on moisturising after the shower recently, maybe it's time you gave yourself a good pampering.

It sounds really obvious, but it's also super important to make sure things like your makeup brushes and pillows are regularly washed to help prevent breakouts. Here are our top six tips for keeping your routine fresh and clean!

1. Wash your flannels regularly

Sure, we might only use our face flannels to pat down clean skin - but they're still prone to bacteria especially when left damp in the bathroom. Put your flannels through the washing machine every few days to make sure you’re not rubbing dirt or bacteria into your skin.  Ideally we would suggest a clean one for each cleanse!

2. Look after your nails

If you’re always in acrylics or painting your nails every colour under the sun, it’s easy to forget to check how clean your nails really are. It's always worth filing your nails to stop them from getting snagged on clothes, as well as scrubbing behind them to make sure there’s no dirt caught up underneath. Sometimes just washing your hands in the sink isn’t enough to properly clear away everything.

We’d also recommend adding a little bit of oil or hand cream to your nails every night - doing so regularly helps to keep them strong and healthy.

3. Keep your pillow fresh

Much like our flannels, our pillows get constant use both day and night. While it’s always best practice to change your sheets at least once a week, you might want to wash your pillowcase a little more. It’s been shown that oils can transfer from your pillowcase and contribute to acne and breakouts, so be sure to get them in the washer regularly!

4. Avoid touching your face

We’re all very well-versed with this one after the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ slogan, but it’s super important when it comes to clean, healthy skin. Just by going about your day, you’re exposed to tons of bacteria on your hands. If you touch your face regularly, you’re transferring that dirt and grime onto your face - which could soon turn into a pesky breakout!

We’re all using hand sanitisers at the moment, but it’s still best to avoid touching your face as often as you can remember.  Another top tip is to avoid wearing make up under your mask. 

5. Scrub those makeup brushes and beauty blenders!

It’s something that a lot of us are guilty of - not cleaning our makeup brushes enough! Most experts recommend that you wash your brushes every week, and some even recommend every other day depending on how often you wear makeup.

When we apply things like blusher and foundation, we’re not only adding makeup to our faces but also transferring natural oils from our skin onto our brushes and beauty blenders. Unclean brushes can cause breakouts, and in some cases, can make skin conditions like eczema worsen.  Leaving our brushes uncleaned can allow bacteria to grow and we don’t want to transfer that to our faces!

You can clean your brushes using good old fashioned soap and water, or you can invest in a hi-tech brush cleaner that blitzes your collection for you. However you decide to clean your brushes, just be sure to do it regularly enough!

6. Use a pump cleanser and moisturiser

If you’re worried about transferring bacteria from your beauty products and onto your skin, try a pump cleanser or moisturiser. Rather than a jar, you don’t actually have to dip your fingers in to apply the product - like the Moisture Milk moisturiser from Elemental Herbology. You can also try those in squeezy tubes, like the Intensive Moisture Balance from Dermalogica.

A lot of people find that they have no issues with tub-based creams, but if you’d prefer to keep it super hygienic, you can always use a cream tool to take the product out of a jar and wash between uses !

Do you have any hygiene advice for a tip-top skincare routine? Get in touch on our socials at @believeinbubu!

May 30, 2022 — Derma Babe Hannah

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