Our Top Tips For Healthy, Hydrated Skin!

Suffering from dehydrated skin? Here are our top tips for banishing dry patches for good.

Take a break with your exfoliants

Okay, we know that exfoliating scrubs can be oh-so-satisfying and can leave your skin feeling super smooth. But in the winter months, too much exfoliation can really dry out your skin. Using a physical exfoliant more than once a week can strip your skin of its natural oils, which actually help to keep it hydrated, and more importantly, protected from harsh wintery conditions.

Instead, why not try out a soothing cleansing balm? The Purify & Sooth Facial Cleansing Balm from Elemental Herbology uses a rich blend of botanical oils to clear away impurities, leaving your skin soft while also boosting its natural barrier function. Talk about an all-rounder!

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Apply your serum before moisturizer

When applying skincare products, the general rule is that you should apply those with a thinner consistency first, before leading up to thicker products such as oils or moisturizers. As moisturizers create a rich, protective barrier on your skin, they can often prevent other products from properly sinking in.

Most serums have a watery consistency, so it’s best to put those on straight after cleansing and toning. It’s also good practice to give them time to settle into your skin, allowing them to work their magic before putting anything else on top. Your moisturiser will then help to lock all this goodness in!

For a nourishing moisturiser you can rely on, take a look at the Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream from Superfacialist. Packed with hydrating oils and soothing marshmallow extract, it helps to keep your skin protected from the elements. Plus, it also contains SPF 15, which brings us on to our next point...

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Keep using your daily SPF

The sun might not be shining, but that doesn’t mean you can ditch the SPF. While UVB rays do decrease during the winter, UVA rays are still present even on cloudy days. UVB rays cause direct sunburn, while UVA rays are responsible for deeper cell damage, ultimately leading to premature skin ageing - so be sure to cover up throughout the year!

P.S. You might need to switch up your SPF moisturisers between seasons. Lightweight creams are perfect for warm, summer months, but its best to switch to richer formulas once the weather gets colder. Richer creams are usually formulated with skin-protecting ingredients, such as vitamin E and ceramides.

Looking for a reliable year-round SPF? The ORGANii SPF 50 Sun Milk provides super-strong protection against the sun’s rays. Silky smooth and blended with a range of skin-loving antioxidants, this one won’t leave you with any white streaks or residue.

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Try a hydrating sheet mask

If cold wintery mornings and dark nights are getting you down, then maybe it’s time for a pamper session. Sheet masks can help deliver a massive moisture boost to your skin - just leave them on for 10-15 minutes and you’ll feel the difference almost immediately. 

In need of some serious hydration? Our very own #soakmewet sheet mask contains a  powerful blend of hyaluronic acid and liquorice root that gets to work right away - oh, and did we mention that it sparkles?! ✨

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January 13, 2021 — Natalia McHale

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