| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 | Save 20% with Student Beans

| Free Mask + Free Delivery Over £30 |Save 20% with Student Beans


March 07 2020 – bubuskincare Admin



Giving yourself some TLC can be tough; but giving yourself praise that you are a boss-babe and queen can be twice as hard.

As BUBU celebrates our first International Women's Day we want to use our platform to encourage all women to take some time for themselves; and making sure you're always confident being you.

BUBU is all about being 100% you and loving who you are. It's so important to take even 5 minutes a day for you (although we would like you to take a little more than just 5).  This can be anything from small things like making a cuppa or taking a soak in the bath, to booking a spa day away or going out for dinner with your gal-friends for that sassy power-boost.

BUBU Skincare is a brand that's all about empowerment.  Our sheet masks have their own sass about them, from stripping it off with #StripItOff  to getting down and dirty with #FeelingDirty.  In the words of our very own BUBU track 'Born Beautiful', Always been told, to love myself', that's exactly what we want you to do from the moment our sparkle-based mask hits your face.

BUBU needs you to take 15 minutes to yourself for our masks to revolutionise your skin.  Those 15 minutes can be spent in any way you want.  Laying back in a hot and steamy bath or preparing a delicious dinner. Perhaps giving yourself some extra self-love doing some mega-meditation.

And whilst you're doing that, take a look at some inspirational women that we know will empower you:

Stephanie Elswood

This girl is not afraid; she shares her highs and lows, and for us that's exactly what a BUBU babe is all about.  Steph also uses her social-powers to increase girls' confidence with her 'Stay Sassy' Dance Classes, which she holds all over the UK to bring girls together and give them a surge of self-love power.


Imogen Horton

Imogen has the confidence we all need in any situation! Just 5-minutes into one of her YouTube vlogs, and you will already feel as though you've gained the confidence to tackle the world.


Meggan Grubb

Meggan shares with us her fitness journey and encourages a healthy lifestyle, she has recently opened up about her own battles with feeling low.  By using her channel to express these feelings, so many others have felt the confidence to speak up! Yes, Meg!


Tina Turner

A women who needs know introduction, no matter what age you are, Tina is an inspiration to any women on what you can achieve.  Tina's journey to iconic-global-superstardom was traumatic at times, but she is the ultimate QUEEN in our eyes.

One powerful quote that we wanted to leave with you...In the words of Rupaul,

'If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?'


Just to ensure we are giving you maximum BUBU love this International Women's Day, we are sharing our love and giving you 30% off all orders for 48 hours, use code IWD30 to claim your sparkling discount.



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