K Beauty has been making waves in the skincare industry for a few years now. Whether you’re a super-fan or a total newbie, we’re going to take you through all the most important facts and ingredients of this popular trend. 

We love it so much that we’ve created a range of face masks infused and inspired by the innovations of K Beauty and the quest for the latest skincare ingredients - read on to find out more!


K Beauty Quick Facts

  • Many K Beauty products are inspired by nature. In fact, snail mucin is a popular ingredient in serums and moisturisers!
  • It’s all about plump, glowy hydration. Heard of the dewy, glass skin trend? K Beauty started it!
  • Lots of K Beauty products contain natural skin lighteners like Vitamin C, which are super-effective when used on areas of acne scarring or hyperpigmentation.


How K Beauty inspired our Bubu mask range

Our founder, Marianne, travelled around Korea to fuse the very best of K Beauty with the skincare needs and wants of Bubu’s gorgeous customers!

Packed with high concentrations of active ingredients and designed using patented thermo-sensitive technology, the hydrogel formula in our amazing sheet masks reacts with your body temperature to melt key actives directly onto your skin. The result? Higher absorption, noticeable results & beautiful skin that glows from the inside out! 

This unique patented technology also means that there’s no waste involved - your mask simply sinks into your skin, & the unique water base makes our hydrogel water soluable! (P.S. You can also recycle all our packaging, postal box & peanuts too!)

Did you know that we’re the first EU company to use the latest clinically tested cosmetic and safe topical botox ingredient, sourced straight from Korea? Our #youpucker is enriched with a cocktail of active ingredients to give you the perfect pout.

We understand that everyone’s skin is different, which is why we’ve specially formulated a mask for every skin type. From the ultra-hydrating #soakmewet to the powerful #t-spot blemish buster, there’s a bubu mask waiting for you!


Discover the best of K Beauty at Bubu

We’re always looking for new K Beauty brands to add to our store. As well as our own K-Beauty inspired mask range, we’re also proud to stock a few goodies from some of our favourite K- Beauty inspired brands!. 


Oh K’s super cute Exfoliating Bubble Mask is formulated with charcoal and willow bark extract to decongest your pores. As you pop the serum-infused mask onto your skin, micro-bubbles soon begin to appear like magic, helping to exfoliate even more.


Of course, it’s not just our faces that need a little TLC every once in a while! We also stock the Hydrating Peppermint Foot Mask - a lovely little treat for your feet. Infused with shea butter and peppermint, this nourishing foot mask is perfect for soaking your feet in after a busy day. If you’re after something a little more fruity, you can also find the Green Apple Foot Peel in our store!


If your hands are feeling a little dry after using antibacterial gels, we’d recommend taking a look at the Intense Moisture Hand Mask from Oh K!. With its nourishing blend of hyaluronic acid and violet extract, your hard-working hands will feel super smooth and soft in minutes!


Looking for more? See our full Oh K! Range at our store here!


The 10 step K Beauty routine

Interested to try the famed 10 step K Beauty routine for yourself? While it’s a bit too much for a daily routine, it’s nice to pamper yourself every once in a while! Here are all the steps you need to know about. 

Step 1: Oil cleanser

First up, you’ll need to melt away any makeup away with an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers help to nourish your skin while also effectively clearing away any impurities from your skin.

Step 2: Cream/Gel cleanser

Next, use a cream or gel-based cleanser to ensure that every last bit of makeup or excess oils are washed away.

Step 3: Exfoliant

Time to use a mild exfoliant! This will help to dislodge any dead skin cells from your pores, leaving your skin squeaky clean and ready for the next step.

Step 4: Toner

While your skin is still slightly damp, follow up with a refreshing toner. By sweeping toner across your face with a cotton pad, you can help tighten and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Step 5: Essence

Essences are very similar to serums and are specially formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients in a consistency that can easily absorb. Gently pat them into your skin.

Step 6: Serum

Time to use your favourite serum! There’s no rule as to which ones you should be using - it all depends on your skin type. Those with oily skin might want to go for a niacinamide-based serum, while dry skin types are best suited to a hyaluronic acid serum or something as equally hydrating.

Step 7: Sheet mask

Take a few minutes out to enjoy the benefits of a soothing sheet mask. Again, this can be whichever mask best suits your skin type.

Step 8: Eye cream

Time to nourish the delicate eye area! Eye creams are formulated to deliver intense hydration without irritating the often sensitive area under the eyes. 

Step 9: Moisturiser

Nearly there! Once you’ve allowed time for your eye cream to settle in, it’s time to apply your daily moisturiser.

Step 10: Sunscreen (or sleeping mask if it’s bedtime!)

The final step! If you’re completing this routine in the morning, the last step is to apply a broad-spectrum SPF cream. We’d recommend one with an SPF rating of at least 30.

Are you a fan of K Beauty? Which Korean beauty brands would you like us to stock next? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch on any of our socials at @believeinbubu!

May 12, 2021 — Natalia McHale

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