AAARRGGHHHH I am having a breakout day …………

How our skin looks is quite powerful, it can contribute to how we feel about ourselves and how we think others view us. We all want filter free skin right?

Our skin is a pretty cool organ, the largest organ of our body, and accounting for roughly 16% of our body weight, it isn’t designed to be perfect.  There is no such thing as perfect skin, as our skin is alive and constantly changing to protect us.

Your skin can be affected by your overall health, your diet, the weather, the air quality, hormones, and these are never the same on a day to day basis, that’s why understanding your skin and the products you use is kinda essential.

All of our ‘flaws’ mean our skin is working as it should. When our skin is changing from dry to oily to breaking out, or even scarring, it is because it is working in some way to help us, but like everything, it needs a little help to deal with day to day changes. Just like everything in our bodies, it can be overwhelmed at times and not function the way it should.  This is where bubu can help!

Each of bubu’s face masks has been designed with a particular skincare challenge in mind; hydration and dry skin with #soakmewet; gentle exfoliation with #stripitoff; anti-pollution with #feelingdirty; anti blemish with #t-spot and lip plumping with #youpucker. Each mask also providing a protective priming action to prep skin for make up application.

Look out for our monthly blogs exploring different skin types, challenges, ingredients, and of course be the first to know about our sparkling new products! 


March 02, 2020 — Marianne Morrison


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