These difficult and tense times; added to being apart from our fav people for so long, have caused most of us some form of stress. 

This affects our bodies in many different ways, both physically & emotionally.  Internalised stress can damage the biggest organ of all, our skin!  We are all experiencing stay at home skin side effects like dryness, blemish breakouts, oiliness and general dullness, like lockdown wasn’t tough enough !

The science behind the problem, is that when we are stressed, our hormones fluctuate, which makes our body release the hormone cortisol from our adrenal glands as a response. Cortisol is literally known as the ‘stress hormone’. This increased level of cortisol elevates our blood sugar, which apart from encouraging us to reach for carbs and sweet foods, can also damage the collagen and elastin in our skin (which is what keeps our skin plump and firm).


The stress hormone also increases sebaceous gland activity producing more oil and sebum, which clogs our pores and increases bacteria causing acne. Thankfully, you can manage oil production with a regular day to day skincare routine, combined with weekly usage of our #stripitoff mask. Our mud based exfoliating sheet mask is perfect for all skin types and leaves your face beautifully naked with ingredients such as AHA’s derived from the citrus family, which don’t damage or irritate the skin.  Our AHA’s are combined with a Charcoal and Kaolin Clay base to detoxify the skin. Prevention is always better than cure, and with regular use of this mask you can keep the excess oil at bay. 

Supporting your stress level (and your skin) by identifying when you feel overwhelmed, will help you take action before things get too much.  We have shared below some of our top stress busting tips..

    • Take some time out somewhere to yourself, at least once a day, for a minimum of 15 minutes.  We would suggest during this time you really try to switch off from the outside world in some way or another, whether that’s writing a journal, turning your fav music up loud, singing, dancing, having a bath or sitting in isolated silence, dedicate this time to something you know will help you clear your mind.
        • We are all either trying to get fit or eating our way through the crisis (or is that just me) either way, the type of foods we are eating will contribute to how we are feeling. Aim for a ratio of 80% healthy / 20% cheat treats (I mean we are still home most of the time).  If you are 80% cheat treats and 20% healthy, aim for making the ratio more balanced day by day, extra stress and huge lifestyle changes immediately is not what anyone need’s right now, but small positive changes day by day will help.
            • If you are focused already on getting or staying active, awesome ! If not, any form of exercise in or out of the house will help you feel both physically and mentally stronger. There are so many online opportunities with some great instructors available, or simply going for a walk is just as good.   There is no right or wrong, doing something you enjoy is a good start.
            • Remember to always be u, be unique and love yourself first...@believeinbubu.  Follow our socials @believeinbubu for inspiration on self care, with regular guest features engaging with live Q&A.
                • Talk… if you are finding things difficult, please reach out to someone you can trust, a BFF or a specialist support helpline if you feel you can’t talk to anyone you know. You may feel physically alone, but there is always someone somewhere to talk to, always. We have listed below some free help line contact numbers in case you need to find them.
                  Samaritans:  116 123 (24 hours)

                  NSPCC if you are under 18:  0800 1111 (24 hours)

                  Domestic Abuse Helpline:  0808 2000 247 (24 hours)
                  #believeinbubu #bekindalways #loveyou
                      May 18, 2020 — Michael MacDonald

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