Are you fed up of sweaty balls or chaffing nads?

Whatever you like to call them, Below the Belt’s grooming range of products are formulated to keep your balls fresh & dry all day long !

Below the Belt are experts in protecting and hydrating men ‘down under’. Their innovative product line is designed purely for men, ditching past DIY remedies such as messy ointments and talcum powder - instead replacing them with a powder-free, moisturising, deodorising range of ball formula's that are comfortable and long-lasting.  

If you are a gym goer, we would recommend opting for the Fresh & Dry Balls Sport, if you prefer a tingle when you mingle, we would opt for the Fresh & Dry Balls Cool or if your just keen to keep your balls simply fresh and dry, the 'Original Fresh' option is our day to day 

For those who need a little extra protection, rugby players and cyclists alike, we would opt for the Sports Lubricant for the ultimate level of protection against chaffing and irritation.

Whatever your balls need, Below the Belt have got your back, and your sack.