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Candle + wax melt obsessed? You've come to the right place. Our treasure trove of fantastic fragrances + sultry scents will have your home smelling sweet 24/7.

The therapeutic benefits of lighting a candle + saying goodbye to the stresses of the day is second to none. We've made it our business to bring together the best candle brands for you to enjoy.

In our candle range, you'll find an array of different scents such as warming patchouli, spicy nutmeg, calming lavender + so much more.

What are you waiting for? It's time to get lit !

Spicy Scents 

Transport yourself to an open fire with some of our spicy scented candles + wax melts. Perfect for winding down after a busy day, or getting toasty + warm after a wet winter walk.

We have spicy notes aplenty in our collection, including cinnamon, pumpkin, ginger + cloves - the perfect scents to warm any room !

Sweet scents

Sweet fragrances are the scent of every season. Revisit your childhood with a sweetie inspired candle, or set the mood for some morning yoga with a powdery scent.

In our collection you'll find a variety of notes such as rose, parmaviolet + cotton candy - all the sweetness but no calories !

And the rest

Our candle collection doesn't end at sweet + spicy notes, we also have seasonal favourites to get you in the holiday spirit and relaxing scents that will transport you to a calming lavender field by just lighting the wick.

All of the candles + waxmelts in our range are made with top quality ingredients, to help you enjoy them for longer.  

Candle lovers rejoice !