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Your nails deserve love, care and attention just like every other part of your body. Whether you’re ready to level up your daily nail care routine, take on a DIY manicure, or flaunt a vibrant new nail varnish shade, you’re right where you need to be.

Let’s talk nails.

In our collection of nail products, you’ll find beauty essentials to see you from everyday care to show-stopping style. With the combined power of these makeup must-haves, you’ll be set to take your nails from weak and brittle to strong and beautiful in a pinch.

Nail polish

First things first: let’s help you find the nail varnish of your dreams. We’ve searched far and wide to stock a broad, brilliant spectrum of shades and finishes to make finding nail polish you love easy (and make settling on your favourite shade a little less easy).

From dazzling glitter nail varnish that shimmers in the light to iridescent metallics like gold, silver and copper, and a rainbow of pastel options in pinks, blues, yellows and greens, we’re sure to have your statement shade in stock.

Top and base coats

Nail health needs a strong foundation. That’s where our nail polish base coats and top coats come in. Keep your favourite nail varnish looking flawless for longer by applying a base before your colour of choice and a top coat after - locking in that radiant finish.

With speed-dry base coats available, as well as matte and glossy top coat nail polish options, you can create knockout nails in no time at all - and hold on to that fresh-on look for longer than ever before.

Better still, thanks to our protective nail hardening formulas, you can build up nail strength and minimise discolouration. The result? Gorgeous nails that dry quickly, feel healthy and hold their colour. 

Nail and cuticle oil

Last but by no means least, there’s our nail and cuticle oil. If you’re longing for long, healthy nails and you’re ready to revolutionise your nail care routine, this is the product for you. In our online collection, you’ll find nail oil specially formulated to hydrate and nourish your nails and cuticles - improving the health of your nails while stimulating growth.

Protecting your hands in the face of daily exposure to changing weather conditions - and all manner of different products, many of which will include chemicals - is vital to keep your nails looking and feeling their best. With nail and cuticle oil, you can keep dryness under control, restoring the health of damaged nails and cuticles and improving circulation around your nails to encourage natural growth.

This is our winning recipe for happy, healthy, beautiful nails.

Make your nail care a labour of love. Check out our range of protective and restorative nail care products to take your nail health to new heights. And when you’re ready to show them off, take your pick of our vibrant nail polish rainbow.