Did you know male skin is on average over 20% thicker than female skin ? 

Let’s take it back to basics with Scrubd – an all-natural skincare range designed specifically for male skin. You won’t find any parabens, artificial colours, microbeads or synthetic fragrances here!

Scrubd products are formulated with charcoal, shea butter and vitamin E to detoxify and cleanse and hydrate the skin. The products protect against harmful environmental aggressors leaving an energized look and feel to the skin.

One of our ultimate choices is the Charcoal & Black Pepper Organic Soap - triple milled and offers a rich, luxurious cleanse that adds natural moisturizer and vigour to the skin, combined with a spicy black pepper twist – it’s the perfect addition to any daily grooming routine!

If you have any product questions, please reach out to us via our live chat option.