Carefree and cheeky whilst not forgetting fun; bubu is so much more than just a brand selling the latest innovations. bubu is a lifestyle statement, about self-love and confidence. bubu was born with the purpose of promoting there is nothing better than just being yourself and loving the skin you are in. Regardless of shape, size, gender, orientation, skin type, we are all about you being you!

 In a fast paced world of pressure, or perceived pressure on how we should look, bubu is about being or trying to be nothing other than yourself.

bubu broken down translates to “be u, be unique”; with our social handles being an extension of believing in yourself -@believeinbubu. It has been a rollercoaster to combine some of my personal passions of wellbeing, beauty, fitness & fashion into one brand  – to underpin the DNA of the bubu brand to become a leading retail destination.

 We will be adding a variety of established and new brands across all of our categories with new drops happening regularly. 

We have some exciting campaigns in the coming months, follow @believeinbubu on Twitter, Insta, TikTok, YouTube & Facebook, to be the first to know what’s happening next…

Marianne ♥